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The Tasting Quarter Press: Information Zone
The Tasting Quarter Press is our article store. This section contains all our hints, tips, recommendations, mutterings and twitterings.

Wine Zone
Spotting Counterfeit Wines

"Keep clear of wine I tell you, white or red, especially Spanish wines which they provide and have on sale in Fish Street and Cheapside. That wine mysteriously finds its way to mix itself with others." Chaucer, The Canterbury Tales (14... Read more

Choosing wine at a restaurant

Ah, the moment many people dread. Whether it's taking an important client out, choosing wine for your team, or even just selecting a bottle for your Bon Viveur father in law, the wine list in a restaurant can give even seasoned wine drinkers... Read more

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Fine Food Zone
Cheese - understanding the main styles

About 8 years ago, I shared an office with a nice American lady, and we got to the subject of cheese one day (doesn't everyone, eventually?). The conversation was largely based around the lack of variety in US supermarket... Read more

Honey and its various forms

Like any food group, honey has its own set of rather interesting facts, two of which are below:

Fact 1: When bees have access to one particular type of flower (e.g. clover, heather, buckwheat) they produce honey reminiscen... Read more

Cocktails Zone
The history and the origins of the cocktail

"Cocktail" is indeed a curious name for a drink. There are dozens of stories in contemporary culture hypothesizing over the origins of the term.

One of the first written references to the cocktail (as a drin... Read more

Cocktails: the key terms

As with wine, the world of cocktails has its very own vocabulary, often confusing to the outsider. Below is a lowdown of some of the key terms and their meanings.

COLLINS - Tall cool punch-like drinks. Any basic liquor with the... Read more

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Whisky Zone
Scotch Whisky - a quick guide to the 5 main categories

Many moons ago, I remember standing at the back of a Johnnie Walker Whisky tasting session in Harrods wine department. Believe it or not this tasting, like most of the other staff tastings we organised at Harrods, took place ... Read more

An introduction to The Scotch Whisky Aroma Nosing Kit

Our friend Charlie Maclean, who has been kind enough to host our Whisky ExplorerTM tasting from time to time, recognises no less than 32 primary... Read more

Beer Zone
Beer - putting on the style

I've lost count of the amount of times people bewail the state of our collective beer drinking - seemingly we're a nation of insipid lager lovers, and have little interest in the finer points of a pint.

T... Read more

Event Ideas and Tips Zone
Sourcing a venue for an event: top 10 tips

Venues are a key element of any successful event. Convenience, suitability and cost will all be a factor in your decision making process, but what steps can you take to ensure your venue choice is the right one?

Below, in no particu... Read more

Choosing catering for your corporate wine tastings and other events: top 10 tips

So you're considering a corporate event. You've established when you want your event to take place, who you'd like to invite and who will be your supplier. What now, about food? 

It's not a preconditio... Read more

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